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The Backbone Before Investing

Even a good minimum viable product (MVP) does not guarantee financing if there are problems with other aspects of the business. Investors go through a myriad of documents, interviews, tests, and software due diligence checklists. 


Done right, it can deliver insights not only on potential risks but also identify great opportunities for growth for the target. It is the most valuable and thorough feedback a company can get. The findings can be used as input for the strategic roadmap and can function as a conversation starter between founders and investors in order to align on topics around Product and Tech.

To provide all this one need to understand der Start-Up culture as well as the technology that builds the core idea behind the business case. Our experts will cover all that, but will also evaluate if a company has the potential to scale up and to fulfill future regulatory or policy requirements, such as security standards, ISO, etc..

Tech Due Diligence for Investors
Health Checks for Tech Businesses
Scaling Support for Tech buyers and sellers

Why Tech Due Diligence is essential?

  • A poor operational infrastructure leads to an immediate decline in performance and service levels as well as your capability to scale up.

  • A rise in non-traditional investments requires rigorous evaluation and constant monitoring of all operations.

  • Regulatory and license requirements must be constantly overseen to avoid operational risk.

  • High levels of operational risk will create high levels of risk throughout all areas of the company. How much maintenance does your SaaS need in the future?

  • Without due diligence: time, focus, and energy, better spent on management function, are wasted correcting mistakes.

What is a Tech Due Diligence?

A Technical Due Diligence is a structured and detailed assessment of a company's technical infrastructure and architecture, software products, processes, and IT staff. This process includes product and service, hardware and software systems, capabilities to handle scaling and growth, internal operations, management processes, personnel and security assessments.

What is our Health Check all about?

  • We focus on the strategic, commercial, and operational issues first – bringing an immediate change to the company’s work and cash flow.

  • We will define measures with which you will immediately notice the difference in operational quality.

  • Figuring out if your production costs and maintenance costs are realistic is the first step in keeping expenses and investments in balance.

  • Focusing on efficiency and achievable improvements, we mitigate all environmental risks and achieve your planned Go-Live goals.

  • After that we look to super-scale the business model as large as you want it to become, prioritizing long-term growth, and overcoming all bottlenecks.

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