We are not creating your future innovations for you - but we show you how to structure your organisation from top level down to the assembly line so that you will develop innovations in a continuously circle.

We named our innovation methodology:



Tapping into the advanced and latest products can be a business’s greatest asset or their most detrimental liability. In an age where the business world is changing exponentially, many businesses fail when they lack preparation for the new and advanced products. Businesses who are absent of current mechanics and resources inevitably fall behind. Failure to innovate and bring new products will leave your business model outdated, irrelevant, and deficient; this disadvantage is fatal.

Without proper innovation management:

  • You can leave your company stranded and without a plan when it comes to new products

  • The company attempts to drastically adjust their core values, upsetting customers and employees alike.

  • Company blind spots will be left unchecked, and crucial business opportunities neglected.

  • The target demographic is either misrepresented or lost, as well as key values and resources.

  • Trends come and go, but the business, staying stagnant, slowly degrades.

For over ten years, our Big Picture™ strategy has allowed businesses to flourish and overtake competitors through unseen innovative opportunities, and realistic adaptation to advanced products.

Big Picture

Through Big Picture, we ensure you will profit off of new products, rather than they become your downfall. We begin with extensive research into your market trends, competition, and customer base. This is foundational and our first priority. We provide you a roadmap of future trends and habits of customers, ensuring rapid exploitation of your market.

Big Business

Big Business allows us to analyze, understand, and advance the current business model to grow within the future of the market. Understanding the core of your business foundational to all future movement! We value the company’s DNA, and rather than changing it we want to expand and broaden it.

Big Evolution

Having an understanding of the past and present allows for a prediction of the future, and ensures steady growth. Our analysis of competition and market tendencies creates a ‘radar picture’ for innovation. We see where, when, and why it’s happening; and then we take advantage of the new and innovative product advancements.

Big Needs

Our deep understanding of your market and customer’s needs allows us to foresee market-driving factors and movements. Here at Kantras, we stay a step ahead of the competition, and the market itself.

Big Driver

We will not only allow your business to survive the test of time, but use time to boost its growth as exponentially as you adopt new and advanced products. First we identify the driving factors of the market. Then we weigh them by relevance and apply them to your business model, predicting and exploiting all the changes in your economic environment.

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