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Professional Restructuring Guaranteed
Interim Management

When resources are scare, and deadlines loom overhead, we at KANTRAS guarantee you a rapid turn-around diagnosis, practical solutions, and absolute market expertise. Cash trouble is the absolute last thing a business needs. Modern companies are vulnerable to the complex market movements when coupled with today’s lower margins. This changing market environment can be the sole reason a company sinks or floats.

When you hire KANTRAS the first thing we do is work alongside you to establish and execute the right turn-around and restricting measures. Subtlety is key in creating lasting change, and our dedicated senior team has come to understand all the subtleties of business growth, having worked as turn-around specialists for decades.

You can expect our senior professional team to immediately:

  • Take charge of the restructuring process

  • Stabilize all internal and external operations

  • Develop and execute high-level business plans

  • Review, develop, and achieve realistic execution milestones

  • Implement cash conservation controls and cost reduction methods

  • Optimize inter-company communications

  • Proceed creditor negotiations

  • Enhance revenue through overlooked opportunities

  • In times of uncertainty and disruption we are the professionals you need for the job.

  • We provide the careful mastery of business that is needed during these crucial times.

  • Corporate restructurings requires a focus on both the big picture as well as the smallest detail, that's why our team is only built of professionals with experience exceeding 15 years in your specific industry.

  • We will become a part of your team, and together we will develop and execute restructuring plans that pave the way forward.

You just bought a new company?

Active support in the transition process from the old shareholder to the new one, providing additional capacities in this crucial phase and helping to overcome cultural barriers.

  • Whether you’re looking to grow through acquisition or divest for greater focus on your core business, we help you operationalize your M&A strategies by building internal capabilities, governance structures, processes and playbooks that support your M&A goals.

  • We help you plan and execute integration activities to accelerate M&A business transitions and realize deal synergies while avoiding disruptions.

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